Barcelona is the team that recruits the best players and spends the most money. I  like to call them the Yankees of soccer. They are always in the running for leagues championships. One of their most important players is Andres Iniesta.

DATE OF BIRTH:May 11, 1984
PLACE OF BIRTH:Fuentealbilla
HEIGHT:170 cm.
     Andres Iniesta is noted for his "amazing dribbling capabilities" and that came as early as age 12. He was going to play for Real Madrid's youth program until his parents moved to Barcelona, he then joined their youth program and hasn't turned back yet. By the time he was 18 he was starting for the first team. 

     Andres Iniesta is one of the three nominees for 2010 FIFA Ballon d'Or. Iniesta is a midfielder and is known for his vision, passing and creativity. People call him the "Maestro" and "El Ilisionista" (the Illusionist) on the field as he controls the midfield and is able to maintain the pace of the game. Every team needs a player like this and he gives the ability to make every player around him better. His stats don't blow your mind as he has 19 goals with 224 appearances with Barcelona and internationally he has nine goals in 54 appearances. 

     Iniesta really shined in the FIFA 2010 World Cup.  He covered a impressive 66km in six games and his midfield partner Xavi covered 80km in just seven games. Iniesta completed 73% of his passes.He helped his team move forward in the tournament and found themselves in the World Cup Final vs Netherlands. He had the game winning goal and was honored the man of the match. That was Spain's first World Cup victory. 

     Iniesta has only a few weaknesses. He is not known for being the strongest player and that his due to his size and strength. He is an attacking midfielder but his tackling is probably the worst. Even though is size and strength isn't there he still deserves the award as the Worlds best player. 

Brian Kelly
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