The  most excited news in the football world could be the possibility of David Beckham returning to the English Premier League. Beckham previous played in the EPL with Manchester United but that was seven years ago. 

     David Beckham started his impressive career with the Red Devils and played there from 1993-2003. In his ten year career he had 265 appearances and 62 goals. The 35 year old has played for Real Madrid and L.A. Galaxy. He has been loaned out two times to A.C Milan. The last time Galaxy loaned Beckham out he torn his Achilles tendon  and missed most of the MLS season and not to mention the 2010 World Cup. 

     There is one thing holding back Beckham from being loaned to a European club and that is L.A. Galaxy permission slip to let him go. Galaxy should think about this option as there expensive player could injury himself and miss another part of the MLS Season. The English Premier League is rougher than the Italian league and Beckham being in his late thirties,  an injury just seems around the corner. 

     The media outlets reported that the deal would be worth US 250 million dollars but L.A. Galaxy paid Beckham 32.5 million for five years and that gives him 6.5 million a year. Most of his money is from his sponsors and his "modeling" career. I mean if you just Google his name and click images you can see a collection of half naked pictures. I have no desire to see that so you have to refine your search as him playing football. 

     This is not set in the stone for him to leave and play for Harry Redknapp but Tottenhams manager has spoken to Beckham and mentioned he wants to play for the Spurs. With the MLS season coming up in March Redknapp wants David Beckham as soon as possible so the English club can continue to make a top four. 
     Harry Redknapp stated this about the current loan, " He just said that he would like to come and play here at Tottenham, we'd have to get him quickly if it's going to happen as he's only available until March. I've left it to the people at the club. I've passed it on them. They're talking to whoever they have to talk to at his club. It's down to whether they'd let him come or not." 

     David Beckham has previously stated that he would not play any other EPL teams just for his respect to Manchester United.  

     The Galaxy have a huge decision to make as they could loose a key player in the off season. With Edson Buddle thinking about leaving the club and crossing the pond ,the Galaxy needs to evaluate there players. Beckham would gain strength and stamina overseas but could also end his career as well. For soccer in America Beckham needs to stay in US and train with his team. Increase the bond with his team and shot for the MLS Cup. It seems to me that Beckham is just going through the motions and receiving his paycheck. MLS needs exposure and Beckham was one way of getting it. This distraction can alter the productivity of American soccer and convince other superstars in the world not to come to the States. Ronaldinho and Ibrahimovic have considered ending their football careers in the US, but if Beckham is always wanting to be loaned, the key players will just stay put where they are. 

--Brian Kelly