With the final games of the Group Stage starting today there are not too many surprises going into the knockout stages.
Group A- 
Tottenham and Inter Milan are sitting atop the group both tied on points Tottenham leading on goal difference. 
This week for this group is only to determine first and second out of the group. 
Maybe a chance for Werder Bremen to save face with a strong showing against Inter.

Prediction: No change in the table for this group, both top teams winning comfortably.

Group B- 
Schalke takes on Benfica, and need a prolific goal scoring win to advance to the knockout stages, even with a Lyon loss.
Tel Aviv have shown that they can score goals, example being the 3-nil drumming of Benfica at home

Prediction: Schalke and Lyon move to knockout stages, Lyon plays for a tie.

Group C-
With a win Valencia will be top of the group going into knockout stages.
With a tie or win Manchester United will advance first out the group

Prediction: Valencia Wins the group.

Group D-
The drama in the group is with the 2nd and 3rd place teams being only a point apart.
Rubin Kazan need a win against obvious group leaders barcelona.

And pray the Panathinaikos whose goal difference is -9 can keep Copenhagen of the scoresheet

Prediction: Barcelona and Copenhagen advance

Group E-
Another mid table drama set up for this group.
With a win and Roma loss, Basil could be a surprise guest to the Knockout stages.
The only problem being that Roma are matched up against Cluj, in Rome.

Prediction: Bayern Munich and Roma advance

Group F- 
After a strong showing in last seasons  tournament it looks like Spartak Moscow will not be making a consecutive debut in the knockout stages.
Though they will tie Marseille on points with a win and a Marseille loss, the goal difference will decide in favor of the French side

Prediction: Chelsea and Marseille advance

Group G-
The most clear cut group.
Real Madrid and Milan will Advance.

Group F-
With a win and Shakhtar loss Arsenal jumps to the top of the table going into the group stages.
Either way, unless Braga goes on a goal scoring rage, Shakhtar and Arsenal advance.

All in All there should be no surprises going into the Knockout stages. 

But with this beautiful game, nothing is impossible in the final days of group stages.

AJ Price