The big Monday night game was not with the Baltimore Ravens or Houston Texans but for the number one spot in the English Premier. Arsenal were the point leaders with 32 points and Manchester was on their tail with 31. With the final result being 1-0 in United's favor they took over as point leaders. 

     The game was showed on ESPN 2 due to their contract with the English Premier League. Right off the break Man U started to dominate possession. Nani was everywhere on the field and had great runs down the right side. His aggressiveness created the goal that was scored by Ji Sung Park in the 41 minute. Nani's ran down the right side and made a move into the box and attempted a shot, the shot was deflected and Park had an incredible header that floated to beat the goalie, Sczcesny. It happened to be Wojciech Szczesny debut in the EPL. 

     Arsenal looked lost out there and Arshavin was inconsistent to say the least. You can usually classify his games as spectacular or horrendous. Not much of anything in between.  While watching the game you could tell that the Gunners passing was off. With a big game on the line you would imagine the little things would be perfected. 

     It wasn't pretty for the Red Devils either. Even though they dominated the first half, they missed opportunities. One huge chance Man U had was a penalty shot that Wayne Rooney missed. Rooney didnt just miss it. He blew it, his fancy side step to confuse the goalie only confused himself as he ripped the shot high. 

     Cesc Fabregas and Van Persie subbed into the game but they didnt have much effect on the game. Fabregas still looks injured and not in top form. 

The Red Devils controlled the ball for most of the game and deserve the victory over the Gunners.  

Brian Kelly